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Ceecees Beauty and Training is one of the Melbourne’s best eyelash extension boutiques. We specialize in creating and designing eyelash extensions to enhance your natural beauty. We are experts in this field and specialize in all types of eyelash extensions offering the highest quality Korean lash products. We stay up to date with the latest trends offering the most sought-after Russian volume lashes, Hybrid lashes, and Faux mink lashes.

At Ceecees Beauty and Training we utilize our modern technique to extend your natural lashes. The eyelash extension are applied by certified and experienced technicians so your lashes will feel utterly light, separated individually with no damage to your natural lashes. We have a unique way that we consult our clients ensuring that you receive a very individual lash design to your desired outcomes whilst taking into consideration the condition of your natural lashes. We can make the lashes so natural that they are undetectable or as glamorous and noticeable. Whatever your style for a special occasion or for everyday wear we have the lashes to make this happen.

How to care for your Eyelash Extension:

  • For the first 24 hours, clients must avoid lashes touching water till the bonding agent is totally set.
  • Clients must not use oil-based products directly on the lashes.
  • Oil-free mascara, not waterproof can be used on classic lashes only not volume or hybrid lashes and needs to be washed off daily with an oil-free cleanser
Eyelash Extension
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  • Although the lashes are waterproof clients should not put their face directly under the shower as this puts pressure on the lashes but lashes should be cleaned twice daily to prevent oil damage.
  • Eyelash sealant is recommended for classic lashes only not hybrid or volume to regloss reshape and protect the glue breaking down from exposure to heat and water.
  • Liquid eyeliner is not recommended but can be used if taken care to avoid touching the extensions
  • Non-oil based eye makeup remover is recommended for around the eye and to clean the lashes. Use a hair dryer blowing up on low fan and heat brush lashes till they dry this will help keep the shape and keep volume and hybrid fans fluffy.
  • Whilst all care and consideration are our focus clients can get a reaction but is highly unlikely. A patch test is recommended especially for brides and clients with a history of reactions to products and that have eye conditions.

You can assure you will receive an extensive consultation regarding your lash design plus aftercare advise. We specialize in applying beautiful, natural-looking eyelash extension that will transform your look! Call us today at 0402465110.