Eyebrow Threading

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Threading is one of the best ways to groom eyebrows and facial hair, not just the best, but it is quite reasonable and viable as well. At Cee Cees, we utilize hygiene, an organic thread that’s skin-friendly and performs the job smoothly. We avoid using any chemical for eyebrow threading Melbourne keeping it easy, fast and secure. An accredited threading artist twists the cotton and rolls this over the skin in a particular method, to gently lift the entire hair from the follicle. Threading removes the whole hair from the follicle, leaving smooth skin that can last up to 4-6 weeks. Perfect for eyebrows lip and other facial hair removals.

Some advantages of eyebrow threading Melbourne include:

  • Threading is a simple process, quick, and fast too. You do not have to spend a lot of time in the salon to get threading done
  • It is a lot cheaper and pocket-friendly
eyebrow threading
  • When compared to tweezing and waxing, the thread is a much more reliable option.
  • Hair can be removed individually or in ‘lines’ to create a perfect shape for the eyebrows. It picks up all the hair on the surface even if they are extremely small or delicate.
  • Threading has less adverse effects and will not burn, cause trauma or allergic reactions to the skin like other hair removal methods
  • Once you step out after an eyebrow session from Cee Cees, you can notice the visible difference, neat, shapely eyebrows!

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